Gembleng waterfall, famous with infinity 'Jacuzzi' rock pool

Two girls from germany made a last stop at Gembleng waterfall before departing to their home country in Germany on Wed. 23 Aug 2023. Photo credits:

KARANGASEM, - Gembleng is a tourism destination in Sidemen, a village in the Karangasem region of Bali. It is famous for its beautiful waterfall, which is also called Gembleng Waterfall or Air Terjun Gembleng.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and rice fields, and it has infinity-style rock pools that you can swim in. It is a perfect place to enjoy nature and relax. Gembleng Waterfall is about 2.5 hours away from the main tourist areas of Bali, such as Canggu, Seminyak, and Kuta.

If you are staying in Ubud, it is closer and takes about 2 hours to get there. You can rent a scooter or hire a driver to reach the waterfall.

"There is no official entrance fee, but you can make a donation to support the local community",  said Adi a local resident told to recently.

Gembleng Waterfall is a hidden gem that offers a more authentic and peaceful experience of Bali. You can find more information about Gembleng Waterfall on these websites: Jonny Melon, The Bali Bible, IdeTrips, and Torn Tackies.

The best time to visit Gembleng Waterfall is in the morning, preferably as early as possible. This is because Gembleng Waterfall is not a popular tourist destination yet, so you can have the place for yourself at certain times.

Gembleng waterfall become popular in social media and encouraging tourist to visit. Many tourist use Instagram to find inspiration for their next destination.

"I got a recommendation for this place from a post on Instagram. I just came from Amed (which located close by Tulamben Karangasem). So, I made the last stop at this place then went to Bali airport to fly to Germany this afternoon", said Anna accompanied with her friends Schön from Germany.

Here, the morning light is better for taking photos and enjoying the views. In the afternoon, it can get very cloudy in the valley of Sidemen, which might affect your visibility. Therefore, if you want to experience the stunning natural infinity pool at Gembleng Waterfall, we suggest you plan your trip accordingly.

You can get to Gembleng Waterfall from Ubud by following these directions: Start by heading east on Jalan Raya Ubud towards Jalan Tirta Tawar. Continue straight onto Jalan Suweta until you reach the junction with Jalan Raya Payangan.

Take a left turn onto Jalan Raya Payangan and continue on this road until you reach the signboard for Gembleng Waterfall.

Follow the sign and take the appropriate turn to reach your destination. We hope this helps you plan your trip to Gembleng Waterfall. It sounds like a wonderful place to visit. (NB)


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