The Ancient Whispers: The Seven-Century Saga of the Kayu Putih Tree in Bali

The Majestic Tree of Life Stands Tall, a Silent Witness to Centuries of Timeless Wonder. PHOTO CREDITS: TVne Bali 

TABANAN. NETIZENBALI.COM - In the heart of Bali’s lush landscapes stands a living testament to nature’s grandeur, the Kayu Putih tree of Banjar Bayan. This colossal tree, believed to be 700 years old, is not just a natural wonder but also a cultural icon, deeply rooted in the community’s heritage and traditions.

The Kayu Putih tree, towering at 50 meters with a 6-meter trunk diameter, is a silent observer of centuries past. Its majestic stature and sprawling roots have been a constant amidst the changing tides of history, witnessing the evolution of Bali from a secluded paradise to a bustling tourist destination.

The tree’s proximity to the sacred Pura Babakan adds to its mystique, intertwining the spiritual with the natural. The white bark of the Kayu Putih, from which it derives its name, is seen by locals as a symbol of purity and wisdom, reflecting the Balinese philosophy of harmony between humans and nature.

A Viral Sensation 

The Kayu Putih tree gained international attention when a Russian tourist’s indiscretion led to a viral incident, highlighting the need for cultural sensitivity and respect for local customs. This event has since sparked conversations about responsible tourism and the protection of cultural landmarks. The existence of this tree went viral when a Russian tourist posed naked by it and was eventually deported after apologizing.

A Hub for Art and Love 

The tree’s unique beauty makes it a sought-after location for prewedding photoshoots, offering couples a backdrop that promises eternal growth and strength, much like the tree itself. The voluntary donation system in place ensures that visitors can contribute to the tree’s upkeep, fostering a sense of community involvement.

As Bali continues to welcome visitors from around the world, the Kayu Putih tree stands as a beacon of cultural pride and natural splendor. Efforts to preserve this ancient giant are ongoing, with the hope that it will continue to inspire awe and respect for generations to come.

For those looking to experience the magic of the Kayu Putih tree, it remains free to visit. A small temple sits adjacent to the tree, where visitors can reflect and find tranquility without the need for traditional attire, although respect for the site is paramount.

The story of the Kayu Putih tree is far from over. It continues to unfold, with each visitor adding a new chapter to its enduring legacy.  As a symbol of Bali’s rich history and vibrant culture, the Kayu Putih tree invites us all to witness its splendor and share in its story. (NB) 


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