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Welcome! We hope you are blessed and filled with happiness, and in good health, thanks to the grace of Sang Hyang Widhi.

NETIZENBALI.com is an online media platform that operates on a socially controlled model, involving credible sources of information. Managed independently, we serve as an alternative media outlet, presenting unique information and highlighting the diversity of reporters’ viewpoints. Our content is divided into five main themes: Leisure, Savor, Traditional, Ingenuity, and Insight.

We deliberately use English as our primary language to cater to a global audience, particularly the positive, forward-thinking younger generation born in the Millennial era.

Here are the five main sub-themes we present:

  • Leisure: This category includes news reviews or content related to recreational activities, an important element in modern life.
  • Savor: This category is inseparable from cooking activities and is closely related to food consumption. Culinary activities are a lifestyle integral to tourism.
  • Traditional: This category focuses on cultural arts activities to foster a generation with a strong character for existing culture, art, and traditions.
  • Ingenuity: This category presents and introduces profiles with inspirational stories and unique, useful personality traits.
  • Insight: This sub-theme produces information through other accurate and reliable sources.

Our motto is “good news network”. We aim to inspire and contribute to the development of online media in Indonesia by objectively reviewing various stories and phenomena.

Since our inception on March 18th, 2016, NETIZENBALI.com has evolved to carry the tagline “Glance of Bali”, reflecting our commitment to protecting the integrity of Balinese society and culture. In mid-2022, we updated our tagline to better align with the content we present.

Our main target audience is the general public, including students, traders, farmers, laborers, and tourism practitioners. The articles we review are based on real events, some even unique, making NETIZENBALI.com a collection of actual tourist phenomena.

NETIZENBALI.com is a source for learning about tourist attractions in a contemporary context. Accessible anywhere and widely spread on the internet, we hope our writings can provide a lasting experience and be useful for our readers.

We also recognize the importance of Google’s role as a web search engine in finding content. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our articles can provide projected benefits for foreigners, be they newcomers or regular visitors. We look forward to consistently presenting the nation’s cultural heritage or treasures in the future. Thank you for your support. Enjoy reading!

May peace be upon the gift of The God...