Bali's kite festival in the sirkuit all in one

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JEMBRANA, - The Jembrana Kite Festival 2023 is an international event that showcases various kinds of kites from different countries. It was held at the Sirkuit All in One in Desa Pengambengan, Kecamatan Negara, Bali from August 18 to August 20, 2023. It is part of the celebration of the 128th anniversary of Kota Negara and the 78th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. It is also a way to promote tourism in Jembrana.

According to the web search results, the festival was first held in 2023, coinciding with the 128th anniversary of the city of Negara and the 78th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence. The Jembrana Kite Festival 2023 is participated by "pencinta layangan" or kite lovers. It was attended by participants from nine countries, including Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Guam, and others. 

The festival featured various types of kites, from traditional to modern, from small to large, from simple to elaborate. Some of the kites had messages "Jembrana Emas" or slogans related to Jembrana’s vision of becoming a prosperous and golden region by 2026.

According to Bali International Kite Comitte member, Ida Bagus Ugrasena, the All in One Circuit is the most representative and suitable place for kite festivals in Bali.

"The All in One circuit is considered to have very high potential to become a venue for various events other than kite festivals. However, preparation is needed to comply with international standards," he said.

The festival consisted of two days of activities: an exhibition on the first day and a competition on the second day. The exhibition showcased the kites from different countries and regions, while the competition involved local participants from Java and Bali. The kites were judged based on their design, creativity, performance, and originality.

The offroad cars were used to pull the kites that were too large or heavy to be lifted manually. The cars had to maneuver carefully to avoid tangling or crashing the kites. The drivers also had to coordinate with the kite flyers who controlled the direction and altitude of the kites. The offroad cars added an element of challenge and fun to the kite flying experience.

The Jembrana Kite Festival is a unique and colorful event that celebrates the art and joy of kite flying. It is also a way to introduce Jembrana to the world as a destination that offers natural beauty, cultural diversity, and hospitality. If you are interested in kites or want to experience a different side of Bali, you might want to check out this festival next year. (NB)


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