Joged Tabanan Vs Jembrana rocked the audience in Pengeragoan

Joged Bumbung performance due to Art and Culture Festival 2023 in Pengeragoan, Jembrana. Photo credits:

JEMBRANA, - Two groups of Joged Bumbung in action at open stage the Rest Area Pengeragoan, Jembrana, Bali on Saturday, 26 August 2023.

Two groups or Sekeha that performed were the group from Tabanan district (Sekar Madu) and Jembrana district (Sanggar Seni Gentha Pramaja) as the hosts.

The annual art and culture festivals that is held in Pengeragoan, Jembrana was part of Jembrana Art Festival 2023. The festival features various traditional arts and competitions, such as dance, music, kite flying, bull racing, and more.

The festival showcases the unique musical ensemble of Joged, which is made of bamboo instruments. The Joged performance is often combined with comedy drama, song, and dance, creating a lively and entertaining spectacle.

UMKM (Small Micro Medium Enterprises) in Jembrana Bali are also an important part of the local culture and identity. They showcase the uniqueness and richness of Balinese products and traditions.

Some of the UMKM products in this event are agriculture, livestock, fisheries, industry, handicrafts, tourism, Bali coffee with organic and premium quality, herbal drinks with natural ingredients and health benefits, and many more.

The festival ends with a cultural parade that displays the diversity and richness of Balinese culture. (NB)


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