[IN PICTURE] Explore the Julah Village in North Bali 

Julah is a village in Tejakula District in the regency of Buleleng in north-eastern Bali, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Made Sukerta/ Facebook.

NetizenBali.com, BULELENG - Julah Village in Buleleng Regency, North Bali developed into one of the leading cultural villages in the region because it has ancient buildings and traditions of ancient times. 

Julah village is one of the ancient villages in the Bali island, in the umpteenth of many villages are fairly ancient in the Bali Island, Julah is one of them. Julah as Bali Aga Village has many megalithic relics, the relics of sacred dance, the old buildings which are sacred. The existence of Desa Temple in Julah has never changed since it was first built by the ancestors of the village. 

The building is solid standing up until now because it was built with special stones. Similarly, in terms of the community house, almost all houses built with the original home building in the past of Julah Village and they did not remodel the form of building houses because of customary rules that do not allow it to happen. Some inscriptions contained in the Julah Village frequented by the tourists, especially those interested in the history of Bali in the past. 

Not only the buildings and the inscriptions, Julah is also famous for its craft.  That is Bali woven fabric with the concept and style of fabric only exist in that Julah. It did not find in another area.

Tourists also can visit several centers of fabric woven that are managed by local communities in the village which is about 30 kilometers from the city of Singaraja, to witness the process of making one of the handicrafts that are preserved until now. (NB/ palm-living.com


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