Pantai Yeh Leh, iconic beach on the eastern boundary of west Bali

Pantai Yeh Leh brings together rivers and oceans (Photo: Instagram @nickkaboo via

Jembrana, - Bali is known as an island with many beautiful and attractive beaches. But apart from Kuta, Pandawa, and other famous beaches, there are still many beaches that are rarely explored and offer a heaven-like sensation. One of them is Pantai Yeh Leh in Jembrana.

"The visitors who come to Pantai Yeh Leh will get two beauties at once. On the north side there is a river flow, while on the south side it offers views of black sand and ornate stones", said Bagus Ardana told who live not far from the beach.

The only uniqueness of Pantai Yeh Leh is the buffalo statue. There are three buffalo statues being driven, which symbolize the "Makepung" tradition in Jembrana. "Makepung" itself is a buffalo racing competition that is held between July and October to commemorate the main harvest.

Pantai Yeh Leh has a unique landmark buffalo statue (Photo: Instagram @faredwazza via

Alongside the statue of the three buffaloes, there are large stones decorated with the inscription of the name "Pantai Yeh Leh". Visitors are guaranteed not to get lost, and it's a shame to miss it.

"Taking pictures of beautiful mauve or relaxing while spending the rest of the day will feel even more impressive at this location", Bagus Ardana added.

On the beach there are many rocks as interesting photo objects. Not a few tourists try to combine the beautiful sunshine at dusk with these rock clusters to produce amazing images. So, don't forget to prepare your photo equipment if you happen to visit Pantai Yeh Leh.

Stone decoration marking the name Pantai Yeh Leh (Photo: Instagram @ananta_lofetz via

For its beauty, Pantai Yeh Leh is used by local residents to set up several food stalls. Tourists who want to have a light meal don't have to worry about going hungry. In addition, a number of rest areas have been provided in the form of circular sitting chairs and are equipped with a roof.

The exoticism of Yeh Leh Beach can be found in Pengeragoan Village, Pekutatan District. It is located about 53 kilometers from Denpasar, but it won't be difficult to find it because Pantai Yeh Leh is right on the edge of the highway that connects Denpasar and Gilimanuk.[]


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