Kembang Hartawan Inaugurates D'Tegal ATV Adventure in West Bali

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Jembrana, - Jembrana Regency has again realized a tourist attraction with an eco-tourism concept initiated by The Community Based Tourism (Pokdarwis) of Gumbrih Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana which was inaugurated on Friday 21, 2020.

The outdoor adventure attraction named D'Tegal ATV Adventure was inaugurated by the Deputy Regent of Jembrana I Made Kembang Hartawan, in a series of "Grand Opening" events that afternoon.

Kembang Hartawan on that occasion came with his sons and daughters and was accompanied by the Subdistric head of Pekutatan I Wayan Yudana.

Chairman of Pokdarwis Sarga Nitya I Nyoman Melastika, said D'Tegal ATV is an eco-tourism-based tourist spot with ATV (All-terrain vehicle) as the main treat, after previously inaugurating the Warung Segara Madu tourist spot located on the coastal-side.

"D'Tegal ATV itself is located in the hills of Banjar Serong, Gumbrih village with a view from the top of the hill with natural scenery which is of course still natural and beautiful," said I Nyoman Melastika.

Regarding the track, Melastika added that visitors can enjoy the typical beautiful natural scenery by roaming ordinary terrain to challenge adrenaline.

"For the track, we provide a short track as well as a long track of 3 kilometers. Visitors can choose between a dry dirt track and a muddy track. Apart from providing ATVs, this place also provides traditional culinary delights, serving steam fish wrapped in banana leaf (pepes ikan) as a mainstay menu," he added has spoken in front of the audience as well as the visiting guests.

He added, the existence of D'Tegal ATV was inseparable from the natural potential of the village of Gumbrih.

He hopes that the Pokdarwis he leads will continue to receive attention from the local government. Mainly about the supporting infrastructure, public facilities to the arrangement in each destination.

Meanwhile, Deputy Regent of Jembrana I Made Kembang Hartawan appreciated the enthusiasm and hard work of Pokdarwis Sarga Nitya. Even though during the Covid-19 pandemic this group could still take creative steps in developing tourism in the village.

"I really appreciate what Pokdarwis Sarga Nitya has done. We are always supportive and ready to facilitate, but remember to be consistent and be creative. I congratulate everyone on the inauguration of D'Tegal ATV Adventure," said Kembang Hartawan. (*)


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