Best hidden waterfall in Jembrana

Photo Courtesy: Info Jembrana

Jembrana, - Yeh Masehe Waterfall, said that the local community Mesehe Waterfall is the highest waterfall on the island of Bali. However, the truth is still not proven.

This waterfall is located in the Mount Mesehe area, Jembrana Regency, so this waterfall is named after the mountain.

If we see this waterfall from below, the upper part will not be visible because it is so high, especially the atmosphere of the top of the waterfall is misty.

"Standing on a top of a mountain or hill and looking down on a foggy valley. Makes you feel like you are free bird," said Eka Wirawan he told

The flow of water flowing in the Mesehe waterfall is not too big, but this waterfall is very hidden in the wilderness. It is not surprising that local residents call Meseha waterfall as "a virtual world waterfall", because this waterfall can sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. [NB]


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