Babi Guling, completely non halal in Bali

The Balinese Babi Guling get glowing skin after well-roasted. Photo credits: Obtained

DENPASAR, - Babi guling is a traditional Balinese dish of roasted suckling pig that is stuffed with spices and vegetables and cooked over a fire. It is a delicacy that is usually served on special occasions, such as religious ceremonies or family celebrations. Babi guling is also a popular street food that attracts many locals and tourists alike. There are many places in Bali where you can enjoy babi guling.

Babi guling is not halal

Babi guling is a dish made from roasted suckling pig, which is forbidden in Islam. According to the Quran, Allah has prohibited the consumption of pork and its products, as well as blood, carrion, and animals that are not slaughtered in the name of Allah. Therefore, babi guling is not permissible for Muslims to eat.

However, there are many other halal food options in Bali that you can enjoy. Bali has a variety of cuisines and restaurants that cater to Muslim travelers. You can find halal Indonesian food, such as nasi ayam, nasi campur, sate, and rendang. You can also try halal international food, such as Moroccan, Lebanese, Indian, and Japanese.

Halal food

Finding halal food in Bali is not difficult, as there are many restaurants and cafes that cater to Muslim travelers. Halal food is food that is permissible according to Islamic law, which means it does not contain pork, alcohol, blood, or animals that are not slaughtered in the name of Allah.

You can look for signs that indicate halal certification, such as the logo of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) or the Halal Assurance System Indonesia (HASI). You can also ask the staff or the owner of the place if they serve halal food.

To help you find halal food in Bali, I have searched the web for some web pages that list some of the best halal restaurants and cafes in Bali. You can check them out here: [Halal Trip], [Travel Triangle], [Culture Trip], and [TripZilla]. These web pages provide information such as the name, location, cuisine, price, and review of each place. You can also see some photos and videos of the food and the ambiance. (NB)


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