Viral Story: The Contrast Between a Simple Shop and a Luxurious SUV

How a humble merchant achieved his dream of owning a Pajero Sport. PHOTO: TikTok via

DENPASAR, - The story behind this viral photo is that the man in the photo is a small shop owner who sells snacks and drinks in a narrow alleyway in Jakarta, Indonesia.

He also owns a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, a silver SUV that is parked next to his merchandise. The photo was taken by a passerby who was amazed by the contrast between the humble shop and the luxurious car. The photo was posted on social media and quickly went viral, attracting thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

Many people praised the man for his hard work and success, while others questioned how he could afford such an expensive car. Some even speculated that he might be involved in illegal activities or that the car was not his.

The man later revealed that he bought the car with his savings from running the shop for over 10 years. He said that he always dreamed of owning a Pajero Sport since he was a child and that he was proud of his achievement.

He also said that he did not care about what people thought of him and that he was happy with his simple life. The Pajero Sport is a 7-seater SUV that is available in 6 variants and 2 engine options in Indonesia. It has a price range of Rp 552,1 - 735,6 Million (about USD 38,000 - 51,000).

It is one of the most popular SUVs in Indonesia and has a loyal fan base. It is known for its rugged looks, excellent performance, and unmatched comfort and ride quality. It is also a true blue 4x4 SUV that can handle any terrain and challenge. (NB)


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