The Viral Phenomenon of Tugek and Tugus: What You Need to Know

Ilustration: A dazzling display of Balinese dance and culture. PHOTO CREDITS:

DENPASAR, Tugek and Tugus are terms used to address young people in Bali who come from the Brahmana lineage.

Tugek is a term used to address young women from the Brahmana lineage, while Tugus is used to address young men from the Brahmana lineage. These terms are related to the caste system that exists in Balinese society.

The Brahmana caste is considered to be descendants of respected priests. There are also other popular terms used to address people in Bali, such as “Bli” for men and “Gus” for young people.

Recently, Tugek and Tugus have become viral on social media, especially TikTok, as many people have created content using these terms. Some of the reasons why Tugek and Tugus are viral in Bali are:

Some people use Tugek and Tugus as a way to express their pride and identity as Brahmana, or to show their admiration and attraction to someone who belongs to this caste.

Some people use Tugek and Tugus as a way to make fun of or mock the differences between Brahmana and other castes, such as Sudra, in terms of economic status, appearance, culture, or lifestyle.

Some people use Tugek and Tugus as a way to create humorous or creative content, such as songs, dances, memes, or challenges, that showcase the characteristics or stereotypes of Brahmana.

Tugek and Tugus are viral in Bali because they reflect the diversity and complexity of Balinese society and culture, as well as the influence of social media on popular trends and expressions.

However, some people also criticize the use of Tugek and Tugus as a way to reinforce the caste system or to discriminate against other groups of people. Therefore, it is important to be respectful and mindful when using these terms. (NB)



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