Miyabi aka Maria Ozawa, She is back in the Island of Gods

Former Japanese pornstar Maria Ozawa (aka Miyabi) pictured with Insta influencer Evelyn Anjani during the former’s visit in Bali on April 3, 2022. Photo Credit: Obtained.

NetizenBali.com, DENPASAR - Former Japanese adult film star (and Indonesia’s darling) Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi announced that she is back in the Island of Gods on her Instagram account. 

The legendary pornstar also greeted those who are observing Ramadan this month.

Her Instagram post about her touchdown in Bali yesterday received warm comments from locals who welcomed her return to the island.

Miyabi previously visited Bali twice, in 2016 and 2017.

While it is not Miyabi’s first time in Bali, she is arguably one of the most famous foreign celebrities to have come to the island since the pandemic, next to Hollywood buddies Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

Miyabi confirmed to a local news outlet that she will be here until Tuesday for a business visit but will be back in June. Miyabi is also reportedly planning to visit an orphanage in Bali.

Miyabi’s incredible popularity in Indonesia, an irony amid the country’s current draconian pornography laws, has even led to a local comedy film about kidnapping her (Menculik Miyabi or Kidnapping Miyabi), which was released in 2010. (NB/ coconuts bali)


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