[FOTO] Tough Ladies, a traditional market reveals the resilience of the balinese women

Photo: thejakartapost.com

Denpasar, NetizenBali.com - Balinese women are a bunch of tough ladies. They are not afraid to take life's many challenges by the horns.

Academics often talk about the double burden borne by women - one from their professional obligations and the other from household duties, but in Bali, local women must survive a triple burden, with the final one being associated with their communal and temple duties.

Juggling these multiple workloads is no easy feat. Ask any Balinese woman and she will tell you that their societies higher expectations on them than on their male counterparts.

One place to witness the resilience of the local women, their work ethic and their commitment to provide for their families, is Peken Badung, the island's largest traditional market, which lies in the heart of Denpasar.

From night until dawn, this market is the stage owned by these women. Some are traders, some are porters, other are housewives. All are working the graveyard shift to ensure that on the following morning their families can a decent breakfast. [Source: Bali Buzz]


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