Jokowi to Farel Prayoga: don't forget to study and go to high school

Farel Prayoga sings the song "Ojo Dibandingke" at Istana Merdeka. Photo: Screenshot Youtube of the Presidential Secretariat

JAKARTA, - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) briefly spoke with child singer Farel Prayoga during a dress rehearsal for the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta.

The video of his conversation with Farel was uploaded through his personal Instagram account, @jokowi. Jokowi, who appeared to be wearing a white shirt, asked Farel.

"Rel, what grade are you in?" Jokowi asked, quoted from his Instagram, Wednesday, August 17.

Farel answered that he was still in the sixth grade of elementary school (SD). Then Jokowi gave a message to Farel to stay focused on studying even though he is currently busy with singing activities.

The boy was also reminded by Jokowi not to drop out of school. The former governor of DKI Jakarta is expected to study at the highest level.

"It's okay, you can sing, but don't forget to study. Don't forget to study as high as possible, okay. That's all, Pak Jokowi's message," he said.

Receiving the advice, Farel nodded firmly. He also claimed to have dreams of becoming a successful singer in the future.

"Ready, ready, ready," said Farel.

"(The dream) of a successful singer," he added.

Farel's appearance on the entertainment stage for the 77th Indonesian Independence Day celebration at the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta today stole a lot of attention.

Jokowi couldn't even hide his laughter when he heard Farel sing and change the lyrics of the song 'Ojo Dibandingke'.

"I hope you understand, in this heart there is only Pak Jokowi," said Farel.

The singer from Banyuwangi also managed to shake the invited guests. Almost all the ministers of the Indonesian Maju Cabinet took to the entertainment stage to dance together. Even First Lady Iriana was seen dancing from her seat. (NB/ VOI)


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