Tirta Sudamala Temple, a serene location to purify body and soul

Gorgeous water temple with fresh water creek and nice lush greenery. Photo by Netizenbali.com

Bangli, NetizenBali.com - Bali has hundreds of Hindu temples, some of which have special or unique properties. One such temple is Tirta Sudamala in Sedit, Bebalang in Bangli, around 60 kilometers from Denpasar.

Thousands of people visit the temple during major Hindu celebrations, such as Saraswati Day - the day to honor the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, as well as days the Balinese believe need extra prayers, such as full moon night and kajeng kliwon, when the balance between good and evil is beleved to be slightly in favor of evil.

However, many people also come to this temple on normal days to pray and perform the purification ceremony, explode, in an effort to ward off the types of negativity.

The temple's name, Sudamala, comes from the Balinese word "nyudama", which means to purify. "People come here to spiritually cleanse their bodies and souls using the holy water in the temple's ponds and fountains," said Ketut Suardika, Bebalang village head.

The temple has three water sources and nine features, symbolizing the Gods of Nawa Sanga, or the nine gods residing in the nine cardinal directions. "The water is believed to have divine power that can eliminate negative elements," he said.

The two meter-high fountain, called Panglukatan Widyadara Widyadari, is used by many to cleanse their bodies after performing certain ceremonies, such as the tooth filing ceremony.

"Everybody comes here for one purpose - to spiritually cleanse their physical and mental state. The Balinese believe they have to get rid of bad things by praying, presenting special offersings and purifying their bodies," he said.

Ni Putu Indra Yustanti, a visitor from Pulukan village in Jembrana, said she felt healthier after bathing under the tall fountain. "The water seemed to wipe away my illness. The flow of water from the fountain is so strong that it feels like a massage on my stiff shoulders. [This words was taken from weekly newspaper Bali Buzz-The Jakarta Post]


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