[PHOTO] Lelakut Festival 2024: Creative Scarecrows!

PHOTO: The Jembrana Regional Leadership Coordination Forum

JEMBRANA, NETIZENBALI.COM - The Festival Lelakut 2024, organized by the Majelis Alit Subak Kecamatan Negara, celebrates the Lelakut (scarecrows) in various creative forms. These scarecrows are commonly used in rice fields by farmers to protect their crops. The festival took place at the Museum Subak, specifically at Subak Basah Tegal Berkis Desa Kaliakah, on Saturday, March 16th.

In addition to the Lelakut Festival, the Museum Subak was also officially inaugurated as an educational facility. While lelakut may be familiar to farmers, the younger generation and the general public might not be well-acquainted with these traditional agricultural figures. (NB)


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