Beautiful sunset at Peninsula Island, all you need to pay is the parking fee!

An expanse of flowers at Peninsula Island, ITDC, Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali.

MANGUPURA, NETIZENBALI.COM - Bali, a paradise for tourists, never ceases to amaze with its captivating destinations, ranging from the affordable to the luxurious. Among these, Peninsula Island stands out as a pocket-friendly haven, where the only cost is parking! This small island, nestled in the ITDC Area of Nusa Dua, South Kuta, Badung, Bali, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, dominated by lush trees and vibrant flower plants spread across 7.4 hectares.

Open daily from 06.00 to 22.00 WITA, Peninsula Island remains a hidden gem, with many unaware of its public accessibility. It’s an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers, who can enter free of charge, paying only a nominal parking fee starting from IDR 5,000, depending on the vehicle type.

The island offers a plethora of activities, from exercising and cycling to picnicking and photography. The paper flower garden (bougainville), a favorite among visitors, transforms into a sea of purple when in bloom, providing a picturesque backdrop for photos. The best time to visit is in the afternoon, around 16.00 or 17.00 WITA, when one can witness the breathtaking sunset, accompanied by the soothing sound of waves and the beauty of the flower garden.

Krisna, a 20-year-old visitor, praises Peninsula Island for its numerous photo spots and the stunning sunset view from the paper flower garden. He appreciates the absence of an entrance fee, making it a beautiful and affordable destination. As the day winds down, travelers can find vending machines and stalls selling drinks and snacks, perfect for enjoying the sunset. If you’re interested in a destination that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also friendly on the pocket Peninsula Island is a great choice for photo hunting and savoring the beauty of the sunset. (NB)


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