The 'Onthel' Parade: a journey of culture and friendship in Bali

A group of cyclists dressed in traditional Indonesian outfits 'Gatotkaca' take part in a festive during the Onthel United in Diversity parade in Denpasar, Bali, Sunday (10/9/2023). PHOTO CREDITS: Obtained.

DENPASAR, - The onthel parade in Bali was a festive event that celebrated the diversity and unity of Indonesia through the use of traditional bicycles and costumes. Onthel is a term for old-fashioned bicycles that have a distinctive design and sound.

They are often decorated with various accessories and ornaments by their owners. The parade was organized by the Komunitas Sepeda Tua Indonesia (KOSTI) Bali, a community of onthel enthusiasts in Bali, as part of their annual gathering and reunion.

The parade took place on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at the Mertasari Beach in Denpasar, Bali. It was attended by about 2,800 participants from all over Indonesia, who wore various traditional outfits from different regions, as well as characters from puppetry and independence struggle.

The parade was a colorful and lively spectacle that showcased the rich cultural heritage and history of Indonesia. Some of the participants also performed dances and songs along the way.

The parade was not only a fun and nostalgic activity, but also a way to promote environmental awareness and healthy lifestyle. The organizers hoped that the parade would inspire more people to use bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation.

The parade also aimed to strengthen the bond and friendship among the onthel community members, who share a common passion and hobby for preserving and appreciating the old bicycles.

KOSTI Bali started as a community of onthel enthusiasts in Bali, who share a common passion and hobby for preserving and appreciating the old bicycles. 

KOSTI Bali was officially established on August 11, 2012, after a declaration ceremony at the Puputan Badung field, followed by the inauguration of the board members.

KOSTI Bali also organizes various events and activities, such as onthel parades, exhibitions, competitions, and social services.

KOSTI Bali is part of the national KOSTI organization, which has branches in several provinces in Indonesia.

Another source says that the name Onthel has a life lesson of experiencing more confidence in social pursuits, and a life challenge of accepting that they can’t control everything. A third source says that the name Onthel can reveal the origin, life expectancy, and occupation of one’s family.

To join KOSTI Bali, you need to be an enthusiast of onthel, which are old-fashioned bicycles. You also need to share the vision and mission of KOSTI Bali, which are to promote the cultural and historical value of onthel, as well as to encourage more people to use bicycles.

You can contact the board members of KOSTI Bali through their official website or their social media accounts. You can also attend their events and activities, such as onthel parades, exhibitions, competitions, and social services.

You can find the schedule and information of their events on their website or social media. By joining KOSTI Bali, you will be part of a community of onthel enthusiasts who preserve and appreciate the old bicycles, as well as use them for cultural and environmental purposes. You will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with other onthel lovers from different regions in Indonesia. (NB)


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