Three Villages Unite: Pulukan Beach Becomes the New Hub for Melasti Ceremonies

Photo Illustration: A vibrant display of the Melasti Ceremony, a significant event in the Balinese Hindu community.

JEMBRANA, - Melasti is of incredible importance to the annual (and sometimes more) rites of the Balinese Hindu. During this ceremony, lines and lines of local Hindus will journey to the sea or a holy spring for a special purification.

The Melasti site, funded by the Jembrana Regency Government for IDR 150 million, is located at Pulukan Beach, Pekutatan District. It was inaugurated on the day of Purnama Kawulu, Thursday (25/1/2024). This Melasti site at Pulukan Beach will be used by three villages: Pulukan, Medewi, and Manggissari.

The Regent of Jembrana, I Nengah Tamba, had committed to providing a representative Melasti site for Hindus even before he took office as the head of Jembrana Regency. He expressed happiness that the Melasti site at Pulukan Beach could be completed and soon be used by the community.

“I see the results of our efforts, establishing our brothers and sisters here in the context of building a Melasti site has been completed well,” said Regent Tamba.

In addition to the main building for the Melasti site, Regent Tamba also plans to continue arranging the Melasti area to be more representative for conducting prayers.

“Because it has been completed well, I will plan an additional aid of IDR 1 billion so that this place becomes really good and at the same time possibly becomes an icon in Pekutatan District,” he said.

Meanwhile, the tradtional village leaders (Bendesa Adat) of Pulukan, I Ketut Sarta, said that before the construction of the Melasti site at Pulukan Beach, his traditional community and two other villages, Medewi and Manggissari, conducted the Melasti ceremony at Pekutatan Beach, which is further away.

“The construction of this Melasti site was assisted by the Regent of Jembrana, in the future Melasti activities can be carried out here. Previously we conducted the Melasti ceremony at Pekutatan Beach,” said Ketut Sarta.

He expressed his gratitude and hoped that there would be further assistance for the arrangement of the Melasti area to be better and more comfortable. (NB)


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